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Crating Certification Scenarios

Bark Inspections To Begin With ISPM 15 Revision

Wood Packaging Bound For EU Must Meet The Following Conditions By July 1, 2009 (Regardless of Origin Date)

Pallet Removal

We can assist you in removing or dropping off at our location unwanted pallets (wood, plastic, or Inca). We can salvage most of these pallets (depending on size & condition) and will even pay for reusable pallets. Pallet recycling helps the environment by providing an outlet for these pallets which otherwise might end up at landfills. We recycle all unusable lumber parts and pallets. All unrepairable pallets are stripped for the reusable lumber. Anything that can't be reused is ground for mulch.

Pallet Buyback Program:
We can supply pallets for short term use and pick them up when no longer needed.

fyi If a pallet does end up in a landfill, it is biodegradable. Less than 3% of the nearly 700 million pallets manufactured and repaired ever end up in landfills. That's according to a study by Virginia Tech and the USDA Forestry Service.